Who Will Capture the Alien Queen in CLUE®: Alien vs. Predator™?

Alien vs Predator Clue Blog Post


Solve the Mystery of How the Alien Queen will be Taken in CLUE®: Alien vs. Predator™

Help the Predators determine where the Alien Queen is hiding and who has the skills and tools to take her down in this unique twist to the classic game of CLUE. Will Spartan capture the Alien Queen with a Whip on the Beach? The answer is in the cards! Be the first to narrow down your options and make the correct accusation to win.

An Arsenal of Weapons Fit to Take Down a Queen: The Predators have a wide variety of weapons to utilize to capture the Alien Queen. Which one will prove successful?

Plasma Caster, Whip, Shuriken, Combi-Stick, Net Launcher, Wrist Blade

A Custom Game Board to Search for Clues: Move around this custom illustrated game board to determine the Queen’s location, or take a risk and land on one of six question mark spaces.

Predators with a Unique Set of Skills: Each character card represents a Predator with potential to capture the Queen. Pair them with a weapon and location to determine the chosen assailant.

Hunt Cards to Gain the Upper Hand: If you land on a Question Mark, roll a Question Mark or are moved to a location to be questioned, you have the option to drawn a Hunt Card. Reveal an Alien card to face off in battle for a possible reward, or a Colonial Marine card to move the Marines one step closer to finding the Queen. If eight Marine cards have been pulled, the Marines beat you to the Queen and the game is over. Will you take a risk to gain the advantage?


Alien Day is April 26th 

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Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | MSRP: $39.95

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