Memorize Your RICKipedias. TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition is Coming Soon!

While you’re still stocked up on Szechuan sauce, sweating over social media, and warming up for more episodes of irreverent sci-fi comedy, keep cool by knocking back some facts about your favorite Adult Swim series and prepare for TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition!


Soon to become a part of your twisted reality, TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition will let you relive the countless inside jokes and meta humor that the mock-Doc and Marty-duo put on the map as you play this customized version of the classic trivia game.

Having more answers than a mad scientist will make you a multi-dimensional winner, given you can master six categories based on Rick and Morty minutiae, including “Locations” (all of the places they’ve traveled), “frenemies” (the adversaries they’ve made), and “Rick and the Family” (to prove you’re not the Jerry of the Smith clan).

Question everything this summer (as in this month, not Morty’s sister Summer, nor Summer C-137, who’s the alternate version of the real Summer, which in regards to the actual season is technically through August) when TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition calls for spending all your saved up schmeckles! Stay tuned for more details! 

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