Test Your Catego-RICK-al Knowledge with TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition – Available Now!

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition

Grandparents are often known to be opulent sources of wisdom, so if the first advice that comes to mind is, “Don’t pay for cool stuff with your soul. Pay for it with money. You know, like how every store in the world works”, your favorite sarcastic patriarch already has you prepped for your next purchase! TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition is available now!

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition

Your next adventure is a no-brainer with this custom version of Trivial Pursuit, made with fans of Rick and Morty in mind! Covering the countless multi-faceted, absurd, and theoretical references from the show, even know-it-alls of the traditional fact-based game will find sense in anxiety-ridden Morty's over-indulgent, nihilistic grandfather's perception of the universe.

Among the question categories that require squanching are: "Frenemies" (the good, the bad, but mostly ugly), "Technology & Science" (because how else do you explain transforming oneself into a pickle), "Locations" (even though Rick might not remember actually being there), "Rick and the Family" (ever wonder why Rick doesn't wear a seatbelt?), "History & Events" (if you can distinguish the past from present), and lastly, the wild card category, "Wubba lubba dub dub"!

Players will find the easily transportable, hard-to-miss plastic wedge-shaped vessel of knowledge to house 100 Question cards (totaling 600 questions) and a category color faced die, all conveniently designed to leave extra room in the ship for Rick's cooler. Dominate all six categories and take the game—but we can't promise bonus points for belching the answers.

So if you know someone whose uncertain response is, “Whatever you’re asking, the answer is ‘I’m amazing’”, you're one person closer to getting shwifty with this special edition, (interdimensional) travel version of “the biggest phenomenon in game history." TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Rick and Morty Edition is NOW AVAILABLE at your favorite local game store or online retailer!

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