Senior Wisdom for the Win—Trivial Pursuit®: The Golden Girls is Available Now!

Trivial Pursuit®: The Golden Girls


Picture it: A seven-year journey with your best friends (practically family) from which you’ve taken away countless moments of prudence, humor, and sarcasm. Now, conveniently and carefully, the experience is packaged up like a freshly set cheesecake, ready to open whenever the moment calls for a slice of friendly competition.

Say goodbye to Shady Pines and make way for Miami… Trivial Pursuit®: The Golden Girls is now being served!

For the latter part of the 80s, Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia were the housemates you wish you had. The wait is now over to welcome every wisecracking, tear-jerking, gut-busting moment to your table and prove how well you know the gang with this Golden Girls-theme trivia game!

The perfect take-along for a visit back to St. Olaf, the portable game is a stored inside a familiar Trivial Pursuit wedge-shaped case that carries a deck of 100 cards and custom die. Roll and rule six categories to win: The Ladies, Family Matters, Who Said It?, Men of the Night, Locations, and Words of Wisdom. A total of 600 questions covers all seven seasons of the show (and amazingly outnumbers the suitors that have seen Blanche’s bedroom)! 

So the next time you have an urge to stroll down memory lane, ignore Dorothy’s natural advice to go by yourself. Pick up Trivial Pursuit: The Golden Girls from your local game retailer to challenge your friends while it’s fresh and new!