That’s ‘Fessed Up! Five Things You’ll Find Out About Your Friends by Playing Privacy

Privacy Board Game


In observance of Tell the Truth Day today, we're admitting to using an off-the-cuff "listicle" to inform our trusty fans about the new activity for their next non-digital hangout. Our hope is that this candid collection of enumerated witticisms will inspire you to be so honest and open that the confessions—er, winning points—come pouring out to make for an epic game night of Privacy.

Privacy is an adult party game in which players must truthfully answer questions about taboo topics that nobody has the gall to broach, hence its slogan, “The S#!T You Wanna Know, But Never Asked.” All you have to do is secretly answer “Yes” or “No” to things we’ve dared to ask and everyone tries to guess how many total “Yes” answers were given. Nail the right numbers to win… and pin exactly whom you're playing with! The better judge of character you possess, the more likely you'll win.

Without further ado, here are five hush-hush habits that playing an adults-only game of Privacy might reveal about your dastardly peers:

1. Bedroom behavior could either be a locker room conversation or something you'd rather not imagine, when it comes to your platonic peeps. Imagine deducing that your neighbor has "done the deed" in the community pews, or that your roommate has had two sex partners in 24 hours. Potential for the next block party more of an "awk" party.

2. Hygiene denotes an expected standard of cleanliness that's ingrained in our heads with every blinding Personal Care aisle we pass. So how can people still be so gross? One possibility to ponder is, "As an adult, have you ever sh*t your pants?" Telltale gasps or embarrassed laughs will tell of any incontinence issues unless one's lack of grooming habits has already sent out premature invites to his or her bodily functions.

3. Relationship styles are always tricky to determine. You may wonder if your date always wears other guys' hoodies, or if she's just really sentimental. If so, pay attention to that potential mate's face after "Do you believe in polygamy?" Speedy reactions to dating preferences are clues to which Taylor Swift song they'll end up embodying.


4. Morals play a huge part in making a connection with someone. The thought that goes into answering, "Have you ever made a fake online profile to catfish someone?" might "out" the next person who will pull up your crush's Instagram page for you since you're blocked.


5. Critical thinking speaks volumes about a person's depth. Even a question like, "Would you eat a raw cow tongue for $1,000?" could either indicate a greedy tendency or just reckless abandon. Either way, he or she clearly has the traits of a hitman, just saying.


Hopefully you've found the significance of honesty in everyday relationships this Tell the Truth Day, and if you're low-key ready to learn about the shy guy’s genital jewelry, or why that perfect extrovert is forever alone, say no more. (Unless it's the truth, obviously.) Tell your local game store you want Privacy or cyberstalk your favorite online retailer today!