TacDex Super Mario Has Arrived

It’s War Like You’ve Never Played it Before with Mario and Friends

TacDex Super Mario has arrived, and it’s time for the Heroes of the Super Mario world to take on the Villains! Will you fight for good or evil in this one-on-one battle for domination?

Super Mario TacDex Highlights

The game contains two 47 Card Battle Decks: one for Super Mario Heroes and one for Super Mario Villains
Players duel to the finish while their battle marker, shaped like a Question Block, determines if a high or low card wins each battle. 
Special Action Cards add new challenges to game play so that no game play is ever the same.
Opponent discards a random card
You may choose to flip the battle marker
Draw one extra card into your hand
See opponent's card and play another card
The game ends when both “Game Over” cards appear.
TACDEX: Super Mario is available in the U.S. at your local game and toy stores, at specialty retailers, and online. Head to the Super Mario TacDex Product Page for more information or buy now on Amazon . Still have questions?  Email us at usablog@usaopoly.com with any feedback or comments.