Let the Wading Game Begin: Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up: Underwater Edition is Coming Soon!

Prepare for a throwback to your childhood or an introduction to a cool hidden place in the depths of one of Nintendo’s most memorable video games! The secret underwater world of the Mushroom Kingdom awaits you in the Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up Card Game, which takes you beyond the Warp Zone to “paddle” it out with your friends and win with the highest level of all!

This fast-playing and easy-to-learn card game for 3-8 players aged 8 and up has everything (except the sound effects!) to take players through strategic rounds of fun, and it’s surfacing soon exclusively at Walmart!

Get ready to recognize icons from the world-famous franchise in this card deck that will have players swimming with nostalgia. The deep blue background, coral, and aquatic creatures you’ll find in this underwater version of the same Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up Card Game originally set on land is only offered by Walmart! Keep or trade “Level” cards in order to come out with the highest number, using “Extra Life” tokens to keep you afloat, or “? Block” Power-Ups to alter the outcome of each turn.

Keep an eye out for more details from the portal when the Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up Card Game comes to a Walmart location near you!