Star Trek™ Panic® Launching In May 2016!

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Star Trek™ Panic® Launching In May 2016!

(Carlsbad, CA. February 12, 2016) -
Captain’s Log Stardate 93718.6: Game manufacturer USAopoly, in partnership with Fireside Games, is excited to announce Star Trek™ Panic®, a new out-of-this-world board game that merges the classic tower defense style play of the Panic® series with the most iconic elements of the original Star Trek™ universe.  Under license by CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek™ Panic® boldly goes where no one has gone before as players join the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on a voyage to defend the ship from enemy attacks and carry out five vital galactic missions.

This cooperative light strategy game introduces new, never before seen, Panic® game mechanics, including Mission Cards, which feature unique challenges based on the original Star Trek™ series, as well as Character Cards, so players can assume the roles of Star Trek™ icons like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Star TrekPanic® comes complete with a maneuverable U.S.S. Enterprise model ship, Shields, Damage and Destroyed Indicators, Mission Cards, Character Cards, Enterprise Cards, and more.

Star Trek™ Panic® will be available May 2016 at game & toy stores and specialty retailers in the United States and Canada.
MSRP $39.95 | Ages 13+ | 1-6 Players | 90 minutes

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