Solve the Mystery of the Missing Doctor in CLUE: Doctor Who Edition

Doctor Who Clue Board Game


Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who Clue

The Doctor has been kidnapped, but the culprit is still out on the loose! And with the Doctor imprisoned, the universe is at great risk.  Our only chance for survival is a detective like you to help us solve the crime of WHO the Daleks mind-controlled to kidnap the Doctor, WHAT weapon was used in the kidnapping, and WHERE the Doctor was kidnapped. 
So join us as we show you what you're up against and explore what's behind the scenes of Doctor Who Clue.

What’s Inside Doctor Who Clue

CLUE®: Doctor Who Edition Game Features:
The most powerful weapons in Time and Space!  Capture the culprit who kidnapped the Doctor by discovering which weapons were used for the crime.
Vortex Manipulator | Sonic Screwdriver | Hallucinogenic Lipstick | The Moment |Strax’s Gun | Clara Cyberman Gun
A game board fit for a Time Lord! The CLUE: Doctor Who Edition game board includes custom imagery of the most iconic locations from the show, such as Victorian London, Platform One, Gallifrey, and Trenzalore. 
Six Kidnapping Suspects.  Who kidnapped the Doctor? It’s up to you to find out whether the Daleks mind-controlled Amy & Rory, Commander Strax, Madame Vastra, Clara Oswald, Jenny, or River Song.
Six Personality Cards for added game play. Pick up a personal ability card and use your newfound powers to usurp other players.
Rumor Cards & Intrigue Cards for true detectives! Track your crime solving progress and speed up gameplay with specialty cards made for mystery masters.
Now that you know what's inside, the kidnapper will have nowhere to hide! So hurry up and save the Doctor before it’s too late, and the Daleks EX-TER-MIN-ATE.
CLUE: Doctor Who Edition is available in the U.S. at your local game and toy stores, at specialty retailers, and online. Head to theDoctor Who Clue Product Page for more information on where to buy the game. Still have questions?  Email us at with any feedback or comments.