Share Holiday Magic with Codenames: Disney Family Edition

Gather your friends and family around the fireplace and grab a glass of milk and some cookies. It’s time to celebrate the holiday season with board games!  Codenames, the hit social word game that has become a global phenomenon, is now available in a Disney Family Edition! In Disney Codenames, two teams compete to be the first to identify some of Disney’s most beloved characters, locations and items from a 16 Treasure Card game grid.

It’s up to your team’s Cluemaster to give you creative one word clues that help identify your team’s cards. In the image below, if the clue was “animals: 2,” what would you guess? (See answer below) Be the first team to identify and cover all your team’s Treasure cards and win the game!

Are you a true fan of Disney? Disney Codenames has Treasure Cards from everyone’s favorite classics like Snow White, Dumbo, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. If you love Pixar, you’ll be happy to find colorful images from movie favorites including Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Frozen and Cars.

Celebrate the season with Codenames: Disney Family Edition and share your love of all things Disney with those near and dear. Happy holidays!

Answer: The Cheshire Cat, and Lady and the Tramp