Run Like a Velociraptor to the Game Store Because Jurassic World Monopoly Has Arrived

Jurassic World Monopoly What's Inside The Game

Behind the Scenes of MONOPOLY: Jurassic World Edition

Jurassic World Monopoly is here, and now you can buy, sell and trade your favorite Dinosaurs, Attractions and more. Tour the most dangerous Theme Park of infamous beasts and see if you have what it takes to own them all.

What’s Inside Jurassic World Monopoly?

To rule the Dinosaur Kingdom of Jurassic World, you’ll have to use your wits to make smart trades and your bravery to stay alive. The only way to prepare for park rulership is by looking at what you’re up against, so join us now for the tour.
Are you ready to own the theme park of your dreams?  The Jurassic World Monopoly Game Board is based on the Jurassic World theme park in the movie and features custom art and locations including Dinosaurs, Attractions, and Park features. Beware, because Indominous Rex is the most expensive property, and it's not easy to capture!
The only way to travel in Jurassic World is by choosing the best token in the Park. Will you use a T. Rex Skull as protection or fly a Helicopter to victory?
Entrance Gate, T. Rex Skull, Helicopter, Founder Statue, DNA Sequence, and Park Vehicle 
Do you need direction when it comes to ruling Jurassic World? Classic Chance and Community Chest Cards have been transformed into Creation Lab and Jurassic World Cards with directives that will bring you to victory.
And last but not least, if you want to own the most dangerous theme park known to mankind, you need to make some money.  In Jurassic World Monopoly, original Monopoly money is converted into money featuring the Jurassic World logo.
The world of the dinosaurs is waiting for your rule, so grab a copy of Jurassic World Monopoly before all the animals escape! 
MONOPOLY: Jurassic World Edition is available in the U.S. at your local game and toy stores, at specialty retailers, and online. Head to the Jurassic World Monoply Product Page for more information on where to buy the games. Still have questions?  Email us at with any feedback or comments.