Thought Your Friends Shared Everything? Think Again! Privacy is Out of the Bag!

Privacy adult party game


June 4, 2018:

As an author once wrote, “Sometimes not telling people anything is a good thing.” But if the forecast this month predicts weekends full of phony soirees and humdrum party agendas, skip the awkward introductions and bring the perfect icebreaker to your next shindig. Privacy is the newest adult party game that lets you tell-all without saying a word, and it’s available in stores now!

Get to know a little bit more about your peers’ personal lives with a game that gets their guards down and shakes things up. Coax skeletons out of the closet with questions like “Have you ever stolen money?” and “Have you ever had sex on a first date?” Partakers anonymously come clean simply by submitting “Yes” or “No” tokens into a closed ballot box, before everyone involved lends a guess as to how many “Yes” answers were given.

Privacy adult party game

Guess correctly on up to 400 barefaced questions to gain points and be the winning keeper of all confessions! Exactly who said/did what remains a mystery unless you can spot the poker faces among your friends, guaranteeing a night filled with finger pointing and gut-busting conversations. Submit your numbers with personal Voting Dials and keep track of scores on the Privacy game board with colored wooden movers.

Need to be discreet? Every set of Privacy comes with a door hanger to signify to anyone outside that 18-and-up material is being discussed. Made for five to ten people to play, it’s perfect for college students to break out post-curfew, Girls Night at the hotel, or Happy Hour with colleagues!

Now you can learn the S#!t you’ve always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask. These questions could have you privy to habits, secrets, and behaviors you never would have suspected of the people you meet! So ditch the played-out cards and grab the latest adult party game at your local retailer. You’ve never needed Privacy more until now!