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What's Inside Penny Dreadful Clue


Behind the Scenes of CLUE: Penny Dreadful Edition

A terrible crime has been committed: Mina has been murdered! And now with Penny Dreadful Clue, we need your help to solve the mystery of WHO killed her, WHERE they killed her, and with WHAT weapon. But beware, because even those who seem to be your friends may be hiding beneath a veil of evil! Was it Dorian Gray with a Syringe at the London Zoo? Or was it Vanessa Ives in Ferdinand Lyle's Mansion with Arsenic? Only you can be the detective who saves the day in the darkest corners of Victorian London. 

What’s Inside CLUE: Penny Dreadful Edition

Navigating the mysterious streets of London can be a challenge, but If you’re going to solve a murder, you need to know what you’re up against.  So join us as we take a trip to find out what’s inside Penny Dreadful Clue.
Treacherous Weapons: There’s no better evidence you can find than the weapon that was used during the crime! Penny Dreadful Clue includes the most formidable weapons in London, and each holds the key to the solving the case of Mina’s death.
Tarot Cards | Syringe | Arsenic | Handkerchief |Sword Cane | Pistol
Victorian Inspired Game Board: Sneak your way through the depths of London in this beautifully illustrated game board featuring locations from the show. Discover clues in Frankenstein’s laboratory, Ferdinand Lyle’s mysterious mansion, and more.
Vengeful Suspects:  It’s up to you to find who killed Mina Murray, and you must decide among six suspects. Was it the enigmatic Vanessa Ives, the cunning Dorian Gray, the charming Ethan Chandler, the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein, Mina’s vengeful father Sir Malcolm Murray, or the mysterious Brona Croft?
Vanessa Ives | Sir Malcolm Murray | Dorian Gray | Brona Croft | Ethan Chandler | Victor Frankenstein.
Game Twisting Personality Cards: As players choose a character, they receive a special personal ability card that gives them the power to sabotage their enemies!
Mina's death must be avenged! Will you be the one who brings her murderer to justice? With Penny Dreadful Clue, the choice is up to you.
CLUE: Penny Dreadful Edition is available in the U.S. and Canada. Head to the Penny Dreadful Clue Product Page for more information on where to buy the game. Still have questions?  Email us at with any feedback or comments.