Own the Verse with MONOPOLY®: Firefly™ Edition

Firefly Monopoly Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes with Firefly Monopoly

The most valuable cargo the Serenity has ever carried is shipping to your tabletop now with MONOPOLY®: Firefly™ Edition! Now you can round the board and own it all faster than Jayne can betray you and steal all your money!
But be careful, the sky is crowded and we want you to come out on top! So we’re providing you with all you need to complete your mission and take over the ‘Verse.

Firefly Monopoly Edition: What’s In the Game?

Stealing planets from the Alliance is no easy task, so here are the details of your mission.
  • The game board features the most renowned planets from the known ‘Verse, and you’ll need to navigate them stealthily if you want to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • There are six collectible tokens representing any ship of your choosing. And you must choose your ship wisely, because the wrong choice could have you crash landing (and Wash would not be happy about that).
I.A.V. Dortmunder, Serenity, Thunderbird-Class Surveyor, Reaver Ship, Brutus, and.Alliance Gunship
  • Classic Monopoly money is converted to standard paper notes issued by the Alliance, so you’ll be able to spend your money on any planet.
  • The ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards are replaced by "Gorram" and "Shiny!" cards to help you through all those good and bad moments that occur while flying through space.
  • And last but not least, if all goes wrong, you can always Deploy Cry Baby, but you’ll have to pay $200 for it.
MONOPOLY®: Firefly™ Edition, suggested for Ages 8+, is available in the U.S. at your local game and toy stores, at specialty retailers, and online at a suggested retail price of $39.95. Head to the Firefly Monopoly Page for more information on where to buy the game. Still have questions?  Email us at usablog@usaopoly.com with any feedback or comments.