MONOPOLY®: Team Fortress 2 is Coming!

October 10, 2017

Get ready to paint the board RED and BLU with the brand new MONOPOLY®: Team Fortress 2! Visit familiar Team Fortress 2 maps like Teufort, Badwater Basin, Well, and Gravel Pit using one of six custom tokens to make your way across the board to declare yourself King of the Hill! 

This 2-6 player challenge brings the battlefield to the table top.  Use your Saxton Bucks to buy up maps, place your RED Barns and BLU Factories, and (for that unfortunate soul) pay up Australium or Gravel Taxes.  Replacing Chance and Community Chests are Random Drops and Community Crates that feature quotes from of your most beloved teammates, and Payload Carts replacing Railroads for speedy transportation.  In celebration of Team Fortress 2’s 10-year anniversary, MONOPOLY: Team Fortress 2 will be hitting the shelves at a retailer near you this month!

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