Cross Your T’s and Check Your Alibis… MONOPOLY: Riverdale is Available Now

MONOPOLY: Riverdale

There's nowhere like Riverdale High to teach you that life isn't fair… but throw in the consequences of capitalism and you've got a bigger hurdle than dodging the police in between classes. Introducing a blue-plate pastime with a side of adolescent drama, worthy of gathering the gang at Pop’s… MONOPOLY: Riverdale is now in session!

MONOPOLY: Riverdale

Seeing as how the only way to win is by bankrupting your frenemies, the rules of this classic board-game-meets-murder-mystery are the same—but its dark new look and feel will have you taking a page out of Hiram Lodge’s book. Players will feel right at home amidst the squabbles of small town life as they impulsively buy, sell, and trade familiar Riverdale locations around a custom themed game board. Stop at Sisters of Quiet Mercy to scope out the real estate for your houses and mansions or collect Riverdale currency as others encounter your modes of transportation.

Six sculpted tokens also let you represent your favorite conflicted teen from the series, such as Betty's diary or Archie's guitar. Become the brooding observer with Jughead's hat, or the center of sticky situations with Cheryl's spider brooch. Even if you swear on Veronica's pearls that you'll play fair, it's still hard to choose when a good old Pop's milkshake is your go-to stress relief.

MONOPOLY: Riverdale

Traditional spots like Free Parking will still offer solace while Riverdale High cards hold “Community Chest” privileges. Just watch out for "Chance" encounters from the Southside Serpents that might have you turning out your pockets. Mind your money as though Hermione Lodge herself was dolling out shakedowns and double-cross burgers.

Be the conversation starter and grab MONOPOLY: Riverdale from your local game store or online retailer before Cheryl Blossom even has the chance to come up with a hashtag. It’s your chance to own it all, without having to own up to anything!

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