MONOPOLY: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Monopoly

Assemble your team to Attack the Titans!

The fate of humanity rests in players hands in MONOPOLY: Attack on Titan. Acquire and trade squad members to survive the wave of dreaded Titans. Since walls can’t keep them out forever, players must barter resources, enhance squad members with gates and use their favorite weapon to protect mankind’s last city. Fight alongside the squad and prepare the team to battle the Titans.

A peek inside MONOPOLY: Attack on Titan:

Acquire the best team possible!  The custom game board features iconic characters, banners and events from the hit Anime series Attack on Titan. Are players worthy enough to own Mikasa or Levi? Do they have what it takes to be in charge of the Scout Regiment or Garrison Regiment? This Attack of Titan MONOPOLY board replaces iconic Boardwalk and Park Place with Eren Titan and the Female Titan respectively.

Choose your weapon to defeat the Titans: Fighting Titans has never been done like this before! Will players choose the trusty Sword or the Cannon? To improve your squad, traditional houses and hotels have also been customized as Wall Sections and Gate Marias to keep the Titans out of the city.

Omni-Directional  Mobility Gear, Supply Wagon, Key Necklace, Sword, Flare Gun, Cannon

Live no matter what! Classic Monopoly Chance and Community Chest cards have been renamed to be “Commands” and “Tactics” cards that can assist players in battle or destroy your resources.

Manage your resources: Custom Monopoly Money gives players the chance to barter items and trade resources to gather their squad and pay city fees.

Grab a weapon and prepare the team for the battle of a lifetime in this one-of-a-kind Attack on Titan Monopoly game!

MONOPOLY® Attack on Titan is available August 2016. Please visit our MONOPOLY® Attack on Titan Product Page for more information. Still have questions? Email us at with feedback or comments.

Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | MSRP: $39.95


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