Let’s Take a Walk Along the Infamous Boardwalk, The Golden Girls-Style

Monopoly Golden Girls Now Available

September 1, 2017:

Because there’s no monopoly on fun, we’ve gone and created yet another lively version of your favorite game—this time with the sometimes gritty, always gutsy golden girls we’ve come to adore. Octogenarians though they may be, these ladies should never be counted out, and neither should any of your opponents as you buy, sell, and trade your way through this iconic game.

In lieu of Park Place and other recognizable items up for purchase in the traditional version of MONOPOLY®, you’ll be buying, selling, and trading iconic locales from this Emmy Award-winning TV show. From Blanche’s (ahem) busy bedroom to the kitchen where so many golden conversations were had (and beyond), you’ll easily recognize these Miami hot spots.

Navigate your way to St. Olaf by choosing from any of the following custom tokens: Cheesecake, Rose’s Teddy Bear, Fernando, Sophia’s Purse, Candied Herring, Blanche’s Hand Mirror, and Stan’s Toupee. You’ll want to get there first to indulge in copious amounts of decadent cheesecake and seemingly endless shopping sprees.

Choose a Banker who can’t lie with the seamless skill of Sophia and play until the first person goes bankrupt, watching many of your Golden Girls-loving friends go to jail along the way. Hey, that’s just the way you roll in MONOPOLY®.

Reminisce about your favorite scenes from The Golden Girls later, as MONOPOLY®: The Golden Girls is available NOW at your local retailer. Trust us when we tell you that this is your golden opportunity to throw a game night that would surely please even the likes of the rarely-if-ever-pleased Dorothy.

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