It’s time to D-D-D-duel in Monopoly®: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Behind the Scenes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Monopoly

Prepare your deck for the Monsters of Monopoly®: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Prepare your deck, grab your token and collect the most iconic duel monsters from the Yu-Gi-Oh series! Travel around the board collecting and trading the most memorable duel monsters while defeating your opponents to be a master duelist. With this custom illustrated box, players are instantly thrown into the Yu-Gi-Oh first series that fans love. Set your traps and get ready to duel!

Monopoly®: Yu-Gi-Oh Includes:

Summon your monsters! This custom game board features the most memorable duel monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Are you worthy enough for the Dark Magician or the Blue-Eyes White Dragon? Do you have enough skill to control Exodia the Forbidden One? This Yu-Gi-Oh Monopoly® board has replaced the traditional railroad spaces with ancient God monsters Slifer The Sky Dragon, Obelisk The Tormentor, The Winged Dragon of Ra, and the Holactie the Creator of Light.


Choose your favorite Millennium Item piece! Controlling these duel monsters has never been done like this before! Choose one of the seven pieces of the Millennium Puzzle as a token to move around the board. Choose from the Millennium Puzzle, eye or necklace to capture these monsters and defeat your opponents. Want to give a boost to your monsters? Improve your acquired monsters with Game Shops and Duel Arenas replacing the traditional houses and hotels.

Millennium Eye, Millennium Necklace, Millennium Puzzle, Millennium Rod, Millennium Scale, Millennium Ring, Millennium Key

Enter the arena! Classic Monopoly® Chance and Community Chest cards have become “Time to Duel!” and “It’s Your Move”. These cards can provide a boost to your monster collecting or damage your chances at winning.

Pay your way to victory! Custom Monopoly® Money has been morphed in Duel Points that allow players to buy Duel Monsters and pay battle fees.

Prepare yourself for this one of a kind duel where players are vying for money and power to collect all of the best Duel Monsters!

MONOPOLY® Yu-Gi-OH! is available June 2016. Please visit our Yu-Gi-Oh! MONOPOLY® Product Page for more information. Still have questions? Email us at with feedback or comments.


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