Telestrations After Dark: The Real Treat of the Night on Halloween

October 31st is just around the corner. For some, Halloween means it’s time to decorate the house with spider webs and light up skulls, carve a few jack-o-lanterns and await the parades of kids dressed as their favorite iconic characters, ring the doorbell and say the magic words “trick or treat!” For others, Halloween is the perfect excuse to treat themselves to some potion punch, disguise themselves in a naughty Halloween costume and break out the fun adult party games! After all, who says kids are the only ones allowed to have fun?


If your idea of an entertaining Halloween involves consuming potion punch while slipping into a naughty costume, then read on! We have the perfect game for your “adults only” Halloween party. Telestrations After Dark is the adult version of the #1 laugh out loud party game, Telestrations. Sketchbooks are passed as players take turns sketching and then guessing what they see in a hilarious and slightly risqué twist on the telephone game.  With 1,200 just plain wrong words and phrases to choose from, your Halloween bash will be the real treat of the night! Everything you need for your “adult only” celebration is in the box, including 8 erasable sketchbooks, 8 dry-erase markers, 8 handy clean-up clothes and 8 coasters for the aforementioned potion punch.

This Halloween, break out Telestrations After Dark and go where no party game has gone before! So let the festivities begin! Happy Halloween!

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