Get the Upper Hand: Tricks & Tips to Leave No Stone Unturned in Thanos Rising - Avengers: Infinity War


“The Mad Titan” Thanos has decided now is the time to balance the universe by wiping out half its sentient life, and with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, there will be nothing to stop him from achieving his goal. Luckily, you’re braced with fellow comrades and endless abilities in Thanos Rising –Avengers: Infinity War to take the fateful situation into your own hands.

Playing as the galaxy’s mightiest heroes, you’ll need to build teams and mount a last-ditch effort to thwart Thanos’ plans! Keep these helpful tricks and tips in mind to prepare for the unpredictable fight:

1. ASSEMBLE a strong team of Heroes! Each player starts with a Hero who works best when paired with another Hero of the same affiliation. For example, Black Panther allows a player to roll an extra die each turn when there is another TECH-affiliated Hero on his team. This means that one of the first Heroes you should try to recruit is another matching your starting Hero’s affiliation, because rolling more dice means better chances of success!

2. ACT logically! Stop (villains), Co-Op, and Roll (for the right combos)! Players need to communicate and work together to decide when to focus on recruiting Heroes or attacking Villains. Building a strong team is important, but if you ignore the Villains that threaten you, they can quickly become overwhelmed and find the situation spiraling out of control! Remember, successfully attacking a Villain also earns you a Bonus Token, which will aid you and your teammates in the fight for survival. Which leads us to…

3. APPLY Bonus Tokens wisely! Attacking Villains is essential for achieving victory, and using the Bonus Tokens you earn for attacking them is one of the best ways for players to work together. Remember that you can use Tokens on any player’s turn, even AFTER all the dice have been rolled and assigned, so it’s important to know what your teammates can contribute to help. Keeping this in mind can also help determine where you should deploy your team, because knowing what Bonus tokens can be used may influence that decision. For example, if players have tokens with COSMIC symbols, look for the sector with Heroes and/or Villains that require COSMIC symbols to recruit or attack, knowing you will have better odds of success.

4. ASSESS the damage on Heroes and make sacrifices when necessary! Thanos will be relentless in his assault, and you may be forced to make some tough decisions along the way. Keep a close eye on how many DAMAGE counters are accumulating on Heroes, and try to keep them in the fight as long as possible. Remember, if you lose too many Heroes, Thanos will achieve victory! But also recognize that sometimes, for the greater good, you might have to make tough decisions, and focus on defeating a Villain, knowing that you won’t be able to save a fallen Hero at the same time. Don’t forget that when you recruit a Hero, all DAMAGE on him/her is removed when you add them to your team, so try to recruit the Heroes that are closest to defeat to save them!

With these strategies in mind, you’ll stand a better chance of achieving victory. The fight will not be easy, but working together as a cohesive team is paramount in ensuring the greatest chance for success in Thanos Rising – Avengers Infinity War! Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!