Fallout Chess is Coming Soon!

January 12, 2018

Over 200 years following the nuclear holocaust, Vault Dwellers, Ghouls, and Raiders alike can still enjoy a competitive game of Chess.  In this classic strategy game, opponents will skirmish with a few of the Wasteland’s most iconic heroes and villains!  Inspired by Vault-tec design, the set is fashioned to appear unearthed from the post-war nuclear landscape, featuring a tarnished game board design and weathered vinyl pieces.

Take your pick leading either the Lone Wanderer and his team of ally inhabitants (Dog Meat, Mr. Handy, Brotherhood of Steel Scribes, and Vault Dwellers), or the Super Mutant Master and some of the post-war’s most malicious delinquents  (the Deathclaw, Protectron, Glowing Ones, Sentry bots, and those troublesome Raiders) in this table top battle.



Look out for the Fallout Chess Set in February 2018 when it hits a retailer near you! 

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