Emerge from your Vault and let’s explore MONOPOLY® Fallout® Collector’s Edition!

Fallout Monopoly Behind the Scenes

War, War Never Changes- New MONOPOLY® Fallout® Will Have You Battling for Control over the Vast, Open Wasteland

Explore, conquer, and rise to power in this nuclear-packed version of the iconic board game MONOPOLY®. Fallout® Fan favorite locations are showcased on an incredible, post-apocalyptic game board with collectible tokens and bottle cap themed currency. Custom content spans the extensive Fallout franchise and is sure to get a “thumbs up” from even the most travelled wasteland explorer! Let’s take a look behind the scenes as we learn what it takes to conquer the world of Fallout®.


A Glimpse into the World of MONOPOLY® Fallout®

A Game Board Perfect for the Wasteland Wanderer!  Will you take control of the Metro or build a vault in Megaton and earn your way to the top? Featuring brand new locations from the recently released Fallout 4 along with classic locations from the entirety of the franchise, this game board has you fighting for control over your favorite wasteland dwellings.
Monopoly Tokens More Collectable Than Your Favorite Bobble-Heads: Maneuvering through the Wasteland has never been easier with these collectable tokens! Will you choose the charismatic Vault Boy or your trusty 10mm Pistol?
 Vault Boy, Power Armor Helmet, Mini Nuke, 10mm Pistol, Vault 111, Nuka Cola Bottle
Cards from Within the Vault: Classic MONOPOLY® Chance and Community Chest cards are transformed into “Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide” and “You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” cards that can advance your conquest or drain your currency. Whether you’re cursed with Radiation sickness or completing the Nuka Cola challenge, these cards are sure to add extra excitement to your game!
Custom Bottle Cap Currency: Custom MONOPOLY® Money shows your bottle caps increase exponentially as the bill amount grows. At 500 caps, your collection is overflowing!
Grab your favorite companions and prepare yourself for the classic game of money and power featuring the vast wastelands of Fallout!
MONOPOLY® Fallout® Collector’s Edition is available at your local comic bookstore. Please visit our MONOPOLY® Fallout® Product Page for more information. Still have questions? Email us at usablog@usaopoly.com with feedback or comments.
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