Checkmate! A Collector’s Chess Set to Celebrate Mickey Mouse is Coming Soon!

It doesn't take more than two round ears and a waving white glove to see that a certain character is about to transport you to a happy place, just with his high-pitched chuckle! Joined as always by familiar friends, the one and only Mickey Mouse is celebrating a milestone—90 magical years since his remarkable debut! Now, he's about to become a part of your favorite game collection, so choose a partner and prepare to play. Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set is coming soon!

Everyone’s favorite mouse is taking over your tabletop as Mickey Mouse and his pals take on the form of a different crew: 32 custom Chess pieces! The joyful faces from your childhood will soon be available for you to play the classic strategy game in a whole new way, with Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse as King and Queen, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck as Bishops, Pete & Goofy as Knights, and more!

The upcoming set commemorates 90 years of one of the most recognizable global icons! So if you suddenly get the urge to sing the opening letters of The Mickey Mouse Club theme song, start spelling it out ("M-I-C…"), because Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set will be seeing you real soon!