Deadpool Is Coming… Soon To Adult Game Nights Everywhere In Deadpool Vs.The World!

February 27, 2018:

The wisecracking antihero from the world of comics, video games, and film is set to steal the spotlight in Deadpool vs The World, an outrageous improvisational adult party game in which players are rewarded for providing their most original—and unsuitable—commentary.

In the game, players are presented with creative prompts in the form of “WTF?” cards—illustrations depicting Deadpool in a variety of absurd and uncomfortable scenarios. An appointed “Editor” then has each person fill in the blank of a “Caption” card they choose, with the goal being to tell a hilarious story behind the given image. The Editor selects the best narrative among the randomized submissions, for which its author collects the WTF? card as recognition for their creativity. The first player to collect five WTF? cards wins.

Players and watchers won’t need to be familiar with the Deadpool franchise to participate, although fans will find the R-rated material a fitting premise for channeling the trademark crudeness of the “Merc with a Mouth”. An upbeat 30-45 minutes of gameplay uncover interesting battles of wit, where keen imagination and senses of humor take the game.

WTF Is In The Box?

Deadpool vs The World includes 100 custom illustrated WTF? Cards, six wet-erase markers, and 300 open-ended Caption Cards.

Play Irresponsibly.

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