The Crystal Gems are Here to Save the Day with MONOPOLY®: Steven Universe

Steven Universe Monopoly Announcement

Believe in Steven

Get ready to help Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems go on a magical adventure to save the day! In Steven Universe MONOPOLY®, you can buy, sell and trade the locations that Steven Universe and the gems go on adventures to.

Take A Look into Steven’s World:

Adventures in Beach City: This custom game board features many unforgettable locations in Beach City. Are you daring enough to help the Gems protect the rest of the world? Are you heroic enough to take on new quests to save the day? If so, then you can explore  the locations on the Steven Universe MONOPOLY® board such as The Temple, Beach City Pier, Ancient Sky Arena and Sea Shine.

The Power Every Mythical Crystal Gem Needs: Keeping the world a safe place for all humans has never been easier with these iconic Steven Universe themed tokens. Who will you choose to protect the world? Will it be Garnet’s Gauntlet, the Ukulele or Greg’s Van? Traditional houses and hotels have been customized to reflect Gems and Gem Clusters respectively.

Roaming Eye, Peridot’s Boot, Garnet’s Gauntlet, Greg’s Van, Ukulele, and Lion

Gems, Gem Clusters

Isn’t it remarkable Steven? This world is full of so many chances: The traditional MONOPOLY® Chance and Community Chest cards have been converted  into Cheeseburger Backpack and Fusion cards that will help or harm you in protecting humanity.

You get cash, cash: Custom MONOPOLY® Money allows players to buy locations and build their Steven Universe Empire.

MONOPOLY®: Steven Universe is available at your local game store now. Still have questions? Email us at with feedback or comments.


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