Coming Soon—CLUE With Link & Gannondorf

The Triforce has been stolen. Dark Lord Gannondorf is threatening Hyrule. But there is hope yet, in a prophecy—a prophecy which foretells Gannondorf’s downfall! The thrill of the search for the meaning of this cryptic puzzle is coming soon, with CLUE: The Legend of Zelda.

Though Gannondorf is a perilous foe, one hero will be able to defeat him—provided they have the right magical item, and that they’re able to track him to his lair… All you need to do is deduce which of the
six heroes, six magical treasures, and six locations is the right combination.

Fans of The Legend of Zelda will love this CLUE edition, of course. But with beautiful art and fun galore, there’s joy on the way for boardgame fans of all types. So keep a sharp eye out for the Triforce...this exciting new mystery is on its way to game and toy shops near you! For more information on CLUE: The Legend of Zelda.

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