Making Comic-Mas: Celebrate 25 Years of Tim Burton's Nightmare with USAopoly

SDCC 2018 USAopoly

What's This? Limited Edition Games, Previews, and SDCC Exclusive Prizes

"Christmas in July" is about to get quite literal for board game enthusiasts getting suited and booted to see what's in store at San Diego Comic-Con 2018! USAopoly will be shaking things up at booth #1028, so check out how we're decked out to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Go directly to Halloween Town, do not pass Go, but DO collect the limited edition Monopoly set you need in your life! Monopoly: Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years is just one of the colorful eye-catchers you'll find.

The patient appears to be in sinister condition from the looks of OPERATION: Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years! You don't have to wait for Halloween to play doctor with this silly skill game. The buzz around this special 25 Years edition has fans all charged up!

If the sight of a stitched grin underneath two blacked-out eye sockets strangely makes you sentimental for the holidays, you'll want to literally get your hands on Jack's mischievous noggin from the stack of Yahtzee: Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years we'll have on display! First releases of both this version of Yahtzee and Monopoly will be available to buy for your collection.

Last but not least, it's your move to get the first preview of a Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years Collector's Chess Set unboxed with its pieces and board on full display!

Fans will be delighted to experience Oogie Boogie's special SDCC tricks and treats such as Monopoly token pins, Monopoly Money, Yahtzee buttons, and more!

For those who aren't able to make it to Comic-Con this year, we'll have plenty of ways to participate on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us for your chance to score.

There's a lot to see, and over the three days our San Diego-based company's ultimate "local attraction" will be welcoming everyone from around the world, don't miss your chance to mark a quarter decade of this delightfully dark Disney favorite. Put USAopoly booth #1028 on your list to catch at Comic-Con 2018!