CLUE®: AMC® The Walking Dead® is Now Available

August 30, 2017:

A Whodunnit in a post-apocalyptic setting, CLUE®: AMC® The Walking Dead® adds a complex twist to this classic game.

A Closer Look Inside Mind-Blowing Mystery That is CLUE®: AMC® The Walking Dead®

In this nail-biter edition, players return to Alexandria only to find the guards that had been protecting the walls have been killed and zombies have claimed the town as their own. In quintessential CLUE fashion, you must determine WHO killed the guards, WHERE they were slain, and WHAT signature weapon from The Walking Dead was used. Was it Carol in the Infirmary using Daryl’s crossbow? Say it ain’t so!

There’s no denying this show has acquired a following of epic proportions. However, you don’t have to be a feverishly faithful fan to recognize the weapons that have been customized to The Walking Dead. In fact, the CLUE weapons are almost as famous as the show’s characters, and in this game you’ll see everything from Michonne’s famous Katana and Negan’s Lucille to Daryl’s trusty Crossbow and a walker-fighting Machete.

Whether you have the ruthlessness of Negan or the persuasiveness of Rick, only one person will be ultimately revealed as the murderer. Who could it be? Follow the clues! Don’t let other unlikely suspects like Daryl, Glenn, Carol, or Carl go unnoticed. In this game, anything (and anyone!) goes.

Much like in The Walking Dead—in which the human survivors can be just as big a threat as the walkers—anyone could be the killer in this game … that’s right, even adorable Glenn!  Gather your undead friends for a raucous game night, as CLUE®: AMC® The Walking Dead® is already on the shelves at your local retailer.

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