Blank Slate: The Game Where _________ Minds Think Alike is Coming Soon!

Blank Slate Coming Soon!


Think fast! Name something that can go with this word:  LIME ___________

If filling in the blank was a snap, you’ve got what it takes to start playing Blank Slate! Get ready for an original new party game that works your word association skills and shows how well you can get a read on your fellow improvisators. Complete with everything you need for addictive fun and surprises, this Target exclusive is slated (okay, give us another word) to come out this summer!

Easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for the whole family, all you have to do is grab a slate, fill in the blank, and hope one or more players came up with the same answer as yours without using any clues. Now, let’s take it from the top with that Word Cue:

LIME __________. 

Your friends have revealed their slates to show these words: “light”, “juice”, and “stone”. If you also answered one of those words, you would have both earned your way closer to the win! Couldn’t come up with anything? Were you the only one with your word choice? Better luck on the following round when the next “Selector” provides everyone a new Word Cue. It won’t be long until one of you reaches 25 points to win, so get ready for “just one game” to turn into an all night event!

Prepare to test your lexicon in the word game that reveals just how like-minded you are with your friends. Watch for it on the shelves of your local Target store soon!