“Write-In Time” for the Party! Blank Slate is Available Now at Target!

Blank Slate is Available Now at Target

It’s time to leave playing Charades in the past and step up your guessing game this summer with Blank Slate! Get your hands on the new word association party game that puts your unique vocabulary, quick wit, and sixth sense to work, because it’s AVAILABLE NOW at a Target store near you!

Draw in the gang for any occasion with this laughter-filled activity that shows off who’s got a way with words. The fun begins by giving everyone in your group a personal color-coded whiteboard slate and marker, just like game show contestants. Start with the first person, or “Selector”, who will draw a Word Cue card from the deck and decide between two options on which word they want to present the group. To these Word Cue prompts, all players must add a suffix or another word in place of the [blank] to complete a compound word or expression, for example:

DOG ______

The objective is to match someone else’s answer (such as “HOUSE”, “DAYS”, or “GONE”) without giving any clues! Writing down the same word as one other person earns both players three points each. If more than two people reveal the same answer, those players get one point each. Then the race is on to be the first to reach 25 total points to win! Go with your first instinct or think through the odds… just don’t draw a blank! The last thing you’ll want to be is  ________ for ideas.

Winner of the 2018 Parents Choice Award Seal by the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Blank Slate is fun for the whole family and best to play with as close to the max of 8. Includes slates and markers for everyone, 250 double-sided Word Cue cards, and an easy-to-track scoreboard. Brainstorming means countless outcomes and games that can go on and on!

Who knew compound words and some kismet could make the time fly? Hopefully someone you’ll end up partnering with! Find out who has an influence on you with “The Game Where ______ Minds Think Alike” and aim for Blank Slate only at Target through the end of the year. See you at a store near you!