Big Fun, Small Game—Tapple® 10

Behind the Scenes of Tapple 10

Tapple® 10 is big fun in a tiny package! Packed in a convenient travel case, Tapple 10 offers ten unique and challenging word games for the whole family!

Most games take only 5-15 minutes to play and can be played as individuals, teams, or even solo! Games range from the basics like Tapple 10 Alpha or Four in a Row, to the more complex like Head to Head or Last Man Standing.

The challenge of combining letters, colors, and categories while under time pressure makes Tapple 10 a great educational game. Kids and adults can play together, and some elements of play are easy enough for younger children to follow along. Tapple 10 is a blast for game nights, while waiting for a table in a restaurant, or anytime you have an extra few minutes with family or friends.

Download the timer app for extra convenience! Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Tapple 10 is available now at your local game store. Grab your friends and family and spend a few minutes playing—the fun is contagious!

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