Behind the Scenes of Risk: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Behind the Scenes of Risk Marvel Cinematic Universe


One Box, Two Games, Three Ways to Play!

RISK®: Marvel Cinematic Universe is landing on your tabletop and features not one but two different games!  Assemble your friends and foes and battle to rule Manhattan in RISK®: Avengers Edition, which is based on the traditional RISK® game where players vie for control of Manhattan. Then flip over your game board and fight to control the Orb in the Guardians of the Galaxy Card Game. Join us now as we look behind the scenes of what’s inside both games!

What’s Inside Risk: Avengers Edition?

In classic RISK® style, The Avengers are fighting amongst themselves and battling the forces of Ultron and Winter Soldier.  With each faction pursuing its own objective, chaos has taken over Manhattan. Now it’s up to you to suit up as one of The Avengers and save the city or become the antihero and fight to abolish Manhattan.

Risk Avengers Edition Features:

Five Factions – Battle for Manhattan with one of five factions. Each faction includes two different custom sculpted game pieces each representing either 1 or 3 units. 
Oversized Hero Cards – Every hero and villain has a goal in RISK®: Avengers Edition. The oversized Hero cards identify the unique objective of each player. Will you play as Iron Man and attempt to build The Avengers Tower or will you play as Captain America and try to control the Helicarrier?  
A Game Board Fit for a Hero or a Villain! – RISK®: Marvel Cinematic Universe includes a double-sided game board! One side is a digital display map of Manhattan and its surrounding areas where players can play Skirmish mode or Battle for Manhattan. 
Extra Game Components – Your Avengers characters have missions to complete and to do so they’ll need allies: Black Widow, Nick Fury, Sentries, Hawkeye and Lady Sif each have joined a different side. But the biggest, baddest, greenest ally just wants to smash. Once Hulk is angry, he will join up with any team leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.
Then expand on your game experience when you assemble the Helicarrier, hide Loki’s scepter, and build The Avengers Tower. 
Manhattan is anyone’s for the taking! Now is the time to join the fight for good or evil in this battle of strategic conquest!

What’s Inside RISK®: Guardians of the Galaxy Card Game?

Grab the orb on Morag and take off in the Milano on your quest to gather the most valuable assets in the Universe in RISK®: Guardians of the Galaxy Card Game. Deal out cards for a fast-paced, dice-rolling asset collection game. Be the player with the most points to win control of the galaxy. But watch out, you’ll need to collect all the cards in a set to earn the set bonus. Bring the orb into play and watch as the thievery begins.
Marvel Cinematic Universe Risk includes components for two games:

Marvel Cinematic Universe Risk Avengers Edition includes:
Avengers game board, 1 oversized Hulk, 5 Factions with 45 units each, 1 oversized Avengers Tower, 1 buildable Helicarrier, 6 oversized Hero cards, 15 Allies with bases, 9 Teal & Purple Dice (Five 6-sided and Four 8-sided),  tokens include: Loki, S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra Dark elves, 80 Faction cards, Rules
Guardians of the Galaxy Risk Card Game includes:
Guardian of the Galaxy game board (reverse side of Avengers ga
me board), 19 Guardians of the Galaxy cards, 6 set cards, 1 Orb
RISK®: Marvel Cinematic Universe is available at local game and toy stores and specialty retailers in the United States and Canada. Still have questions? Email us at with any feedback or comments.