December 2018

MONOPOLY: Sailor Moon

Revisit the purity of 90s anime with everything you need to take on the Death Buster, outsmart your opponents, and win a classic strategy game with the power of Pretty Guardians in your corner! MONOPOLY: Sailor Moon is available now!

Take yourself back to when this transformational guardian’s theme song became your afternoon anthem. The Pretty Guardians is here to help you defends what’s yours… on the tabletop! Sailor Moon and her friends Mercury, Mars, and Venus among others adorn the pieces of your traditional Monopoly game in a set for fans to buy, sell, and trade their way to the most riches.

Privacy Party Game

You’ve freshly procured a festive holiday sweater and updated your RSVP from “Maybe” to “Going” for a casual gift exchange. The invite prompts you to bring a wrapped present, so your low-key stalking of the guest list begins. Who will be there, and what can you bring that will appease the Spirit of Party Goers Past?

As tradition would have it, the night’s focus will most likely be a bottle-shaped bag, unwrapped by one person and “stolen” by another, before the hot commodity has passed through too many hands. The only thing you can be sure of is taking home a decisively unremarkable item, and you’re already wishing the event was centered around a more rousing premise.

RISK®: Rick and Morty™

The classic war game known and played by generations has been infiltrated with life forms witnessed only through the eyes of everyone’s favorite sci-fi adventurers—and the pressure is on to squanch the other rulers in the Multiverse! Get shwifty and put a different type of domination on the map with RISK®: Rick and Morty™, available now!


In The Infinite Possibilities Across Infinite Universes Edition of this game, you’ll find six unworldly regions in place of the traditional territories on a custom game board, themed with the haphazardly bold look and feel of Rick and Morty™ animation. Crazy Outskirts, Earth C-137 Area, Gazorpazorp, Unity’s Planet, Purge Planet, and The Citadel of Ricks create a total of 39 Territories to claim!